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Holistic Healing Therapist Midleton Cork - Home Visit Service

NaturalHealing.Help​​ - The Moder Method ® Pain Relief

Holistic Healing Therapist Midleton Cork – Home Visit Service

Holistic Therapy Midleton – Home Visit Service

We want for  those who need therapy help, to get treatment they looking for ,immediately when is needed. However, travel for people who are less fit or physically able may be an inconvenience. For this reason we offer a Home Visit Service to accommodate those who can’t visit the specific located place elsewhere. 

Benefits of Home Visit Service:

• We can design specific treatment to you and your individual home needs
• Travel stress is removed, particularly for the frail, elderly or those in too much pain
• Familiarity of home surroundings reduces anxiety
• Everyday functional activities can be more effectively addressed e.g. difficulty climbing stairs, getting in/out of bed.

Our Home Visit Service combines ‘Hands On’ treatment, Celtic Body-Ear candles treatment, Michael Moder Method therapy and close liaison with long years experienced professional Therapist to optimise recovery. We treat numerous conditions in the home setting including, but not limited to:

· Muscle pain

· Head ache

· Spine ache

· Joint pain

· Posture/ structure  pain and problems

· After sport/accident recovery

· Painful carpal,knees,elbows etc...

Therapy at home allows the rest of the family to be involved in the treatment and gain a better understanding of the condition, as well as giving them an opportunity to ask the Therapist Michael Moder any questions and learn how they can help out.

The first Step

Therapist Michael Moder will call to your home for an initial assessment. 

This 1 hour appointment involves (T1) Therapy - Alternative Diagnostics – Moder’s Method - exploring the patient’s medical history in detail, a physical examination, treatment.

The second Step

After Diagnostics follows  an individually selected therapy which fits to a detected health problem.

Special effective method - pain relief within 1 hour!

The Moder Method ® of pain relief - fast relief from pain. The Moder Method ® of pain relief - unique, original method based on innate talent and experience. 

Our Services and Price list

(T1) Therapy - Alternative Diagnostics – Moder’s Method


(30 minutes) €49 (Unregistered clients)

(30 minutes) €39 (Registered clients)


  Ideal as an initial therapy:

  • get to know the therapist  his techniques, and your problems,
  • alternative diagnostics reveals energy blocks and possible causes of health problems,
  • therapy is used to recommend a suitable solution to the health problems,
  • if you are interested to sign up  as registered client, You’ll be able to avail  the benefits listed above.

(T2) Therapy - Ear or Body Candles – Moder’s Method


(30 minutes) €49 (Unregistered clients)

(30 minutes) €39 (Registered clients)


  •  In this therapy we use Body candles, Ear candles, Special  essential oils candles, Reflective candles, or other types.
  • We produce all listed candles under our own brand Michael Moder (long-term practice, we also teach how to  use  body candles on our courses).
  • Very gentle way of harmonization for health problems such as knee pain (including knee water), hips, shoulders, etc.
  • It also harmonises the psyche, chakras and activities of individual organs.

(T3) Therapy - Reiki - Energy Healing and Relaxation


(45 minutes) €69 (Unregistered clients)

(45 minutes) €59 (Registered clients)


  • Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation by "laying on hands" to promote healing.
  • Reiki treats the whole person, including body, emotions, mind and spirit, creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace and security.
  • Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates body's subtle energy systems to remove blocks. By breaking through these energy blocks, the body's inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated.

(T4) Therapy - Unblocking Energy Blocks – Moder’s Method


(30 minutes) €69 (Unregistered clients)

(30 minutes) €59 (Registered clients)


  • Therapist uses a range of different massage and pressure points to stimulate these areas and help balance natural energies and clear and localized areas of negativity.
  • Pressure  massages  which relax muscles, relieves stress and tensions.

(T5) Therapy – Dorn’s Method + Michael Moder’s Method


(45 minutes) €99 (Unregistered clients)

(45 minutes) €89 (Registered clients)


  • The Dorn’s  method is a form of manual, holistic alternative therapy used to correct misalignments in the spinal column and other joints. In its theoretical approach, it is somewhat related to chiropractic and osteopathy, although it is different in its practical application.
  • Dorn's method is physical therapy, whereby joints and vertebrates are safely brought back to their original positions.
  • Special Harmonization Moder  Method ® Pain Relief is work with extra-sensory perception, energies, chakras, meridians, auras, acupressure techniques etc.

(T6) Special Therapy - Help and Relief of Pain – Moder’s Method


(55 minutes) €149 (Unregistered clients)

(55 minutes) €129 (Registered clients)


  • Includes all Michael Moder's knowledge and methods.
  • Especially suitable for heavy cases.
  • The therapy could  be stretched in more complex cases (the price remains the same).
  • This therapy is energy-intensive for both the therapist and the client, only limited number of the procedures may fit in one day, for those reasons this types of therapies must be booked in advance.
  • Before you order this therapy, contact us for instructions on how to prepare for this therapy.

Important note:

  1. All therapies are ordered and paid in advance unless agreed otherwise.
  2. Before all therapies we recommend to avoid eating 1-2 hours prior the appointment.
  3. Therapies may be slightly  painful (acupressure techniques) depending on the state of the organism and the perception of pain.
  4. After therapies you should not do hard work, exercise, avoid  too cool temperatures, avoid drafts, do not overuse air conditioning, avoid  sauna for 3-4 days to regenerate the body.

Sign up and take advantage of the annual registration

Pay an annual registration for 100 EUR and get the following benefits (for you and your family):

  • lower prices therapy,
  • priority before unregistered clients,
  • after agreement - therapy outside working hours,
  • after agreement - therapy at your home,
  • 20% discount in our eshop.

CONTACT US and Find out more

Motto: Our Mission is the Work which we Elevate to an Art.

Why Choose Us

  • Exclusive therapy service in comfort of your home.
  • Prices start at 39 € for Registered and 49 € for Non-Registered clients.
  • Successful long-term practice and over 20.000 therapeutic interventions.
  • Most health problems successfully remedied within the first therapy.
  • Our aim is full satisfaction of our clients.
  • Practice in healing professional sportsman and seriously ill people.
  • The world UNIQUE method of pain relief. 
  • Im continually educating my self, in the field of health and therapeutics.
  • Public Liability Insurance to cover the work of the therapist.

How We Can Help You

  • We are focusing on elimination of pain.
  • In many cases we spare the client  of unnecessary surgery related to problems  such as - Back, Spine, Shoulders, Knees, Hips e.t.c.
  • Thanks to the knowledge of excercise and fitness ( 37 years of practise ), we can also advise you on the right excercise or how to drop extra pounds.
  • We can also recommend on proper nutrition and food supplements that can help to prove health and weight balance.
  • If you are looking for a family alternative healer, than REGISTER with us, and cut prices and gain VIP services which may be enjoyed by your entire family.

See the Difference

We work with exceptions with fully dressed people.

Long successful practice World Wide. 

We work with Out-of-Body perceptions and our methods are proven by remarkable number of successful therapies and happy clients.

For registered clients we help even outside of working hours, at weekends and wherever you need it for example at your home.

We do organise a group lectures and therapies in far distance areas, the minimal number of clients and place of meeting should be organised in advance by those who is interested.

Beside of  physical therapies, we also advice  how to detox your body right way, which supplements to use  and recommend natural  cosmetics of the Death Sea under brand Dr.Nona.

Not sure which service would suit you ?

Contact us via phone or email and we will recommend you the therapy right for you.



Are you interested in Michael Moder’s therapy?

Please call his assistant Mrs. Vera Moder, to book an appointment, Thank you. Tel: +353 860 228 997 (Vera Moder)


Some of clients' references:

Unblocking energy, walking straight, hips, balance, leg length comparison etc.

Michael and Vera Moder have helped me enormously in a variety of ways. 

For as long as I remember I have had an uneven walk and holding myself erectly has always felt like a big effort. After deeply pressing on various points and doing a number of manipulations, Michael tested my walking pattern and stance  and then did some more work on my muscles and joints. I felt greatly improved after the first session and after a second session I felt more at ease in my body than I had for years. Keeping my back straight now feels completely natural and my walk feels very well balanced and much more flowing. Fully clothed in comfortable clothes, I did not feel in any way self- conscious during the sessions. Vera gently helped me perform an exercise that Michael had showed me to help me maintain the progress that had been made. She and Michael listened to me with great attention and offered me very helpful lifestyle advice. I felt that they really cared about my welfare and that they had an intuitive awareness of my emotional as well as my physical condition. 

They were  in contact between and after sessions, keen to be aware of how I was progressing. Michael and Vera combine a thoroughly scientific approach with an attentiveness and kindness that is truly remarkable. I am so glad that I decided to try the Moder Method. I did not need to sign up for a large number of sessions. Two sessions was all it took to change a life- long problem. 

I am also delighted to know, however, that, should I develop any problems in the future, the Moder Method is a resource that I can depend on to help me in a non-invasive but radically healing way. 

Beth Kiberd , Clontarf, Dublin

Help for an older lady

Hello everybody, It has been 6 years when Michael helped my grandmom return her from the bed back to her legs. 

At her 76y my grandmom felt down and broked her hip joint. She moved to the hospital to get surgery. After surgery once she lied on intensive care got many liters of blood. Doctors were curios what´s happening? She had inner bleeding. Due to the fact her heart became to be weak. She stayed at the hospital more than 3 months after that time doctor said that she shold be moved to the hospice. And as all of us know usually this place is your final destination of your life. My mom couldn´t accept this fact and she wanted get grandmom back to the home to help her live dignified life. Mom was looking around for some oportunity how to help her. My sister knew Michael and she recommend that this guy could help in this case. Michael took action and recommended some great natural stuff from dead sea produced by Dr. NONA to increase grandmom health. He also came provide special therapy to the place where grandmom lived as there was no way to move her to Michael´s studio. After my grandmom was able get out of the bed, on the beginning with help of others then just by herself. We were so thanksful that she can enjoy her life again. Another great period of her life started. 

Thank you Michael for your wide knowlegdes and experiences you have and you could apply. Thanks for your power! 

Irena V.

Spinal injury after a traffic accident and the experience of another client

I have known Michael for years. At first, Michael was my private trainer in a gym, a fantastic trainer! I had suffered from back pain after injuring my spine in a car accident. Michael took all these circumstances into account, as well as starting to heal my body through a unique therapy. The combination of long experience in various fields, such as fitness trainer, nutritionist and  therapist, results in a very holistic approach and that is what counts. Michael is a very gifted person. He immediately finds all the knots and tension points. He knows what he is doing and you experience that relief when the pain is gone or drastically reduced. You don’t need painkillers, you need Michael! I highly recommend Michael! I value him both professionally and personally.

K. Medkova

Hello, I'd like to let here  at least a few words.

The meeting with Mr. Moder was the first experience for me. He is straightforward, open and talking with you on the plate. It opens your eyes to everything, because the treatment of pain is not only about physiotherapy but also about mental equilibrium and overall life satisfaction ... and sometimes it is necessary to "kick" people's bom. Facing the truth face to face is far more effective than reading book tips.

Mr. Moder has a wealth of experience, and when he tries to discover and heal the origin of the pain, that he knows what he does and where to go.

Wonderful, intelligent and person who helps wholeheartedly. I recommend.

Have a nice day. Yours sincerely, 

L. Filip

Serious problems with shoulder, and cervical spine and migraine

I sincerely recommend Michael's healing program and his assistance. I myself had serious problems with my shoulder and cervical spine. It was so bad that my arm was nearly paralyzed. My migraine was so serious, knocking me out of normal life for a couple days.

After only one treatment ...... I no longer have a problem with my arm or shoulder... and the headaches, which lasted for a matter of four or five days a week...are just very sporadic. I do believe if I had the time and opportunity to undergo a second treatment, I would never again suffer from migraine for the rest of my life.
God bless ya Michael,... and keep going please,the world needs people like you !!! 

H. Hexe

Back pain

Hello Mr. Moder

I would just like to thank you for your consultation and treatment last Friday.

My back is 85% better

If the pain gets worse I will contact you again.

Thank you

Best Regards


Back pain

Therapist Michael Moder is a wonderful professional with hands of an angel, who knows me, know that i wouldn't let no one touch my back, being afraid of getting hurt, but with michael is different around him he makes you feel comfortable, secure and calm. He is a professional and knows what he is doing, so happy after the consultation with him and his assistant and i am definitely coming back. I do recommend him big time such a nice person and so helpful so professional. I suffer from back pain for a long time and after seeing michael i feel much better, thank you so much michael and i wish you all the best, keep going with your wonderful work.

Susana Costa

Questions and Answers (1)

What are you specialized in?

Over the past 16 years, most of our clients have had musculoskeletal system and spinal problems (backache, pain in the spine, head, shoulders, hips or knees). So our main specialization has therefore developed from these oft-repeated needs of our clients. Of course, we also treat other health problems, and seek their causes. Prevention and the suggestion of a remedy for the problem a client is suffering from, are an integral part of our work. Our many years of experience are our mainstay.

Where can I find you?

Our company is registered in London, but we work throughout Europe and anywhere that our assistance is required. Many people cannot leave home for various reasons (health condition, travel cost, pets, etc.). For that reason, we go to people anywhere in the world. So you will always find us where we have been invited or where someone really needs us. Maybe in your own home? That is why we do not include any specific location or address on our website.

How can I contact you?

Preferably by e-mail or via our Contact form. Because we spend a lot of time with clients, in traveling or teaching, this is the best way of contacting us. Unless we are temporarily without access to the Internet, we reply to e-mails within 24 hours. Of course, you can also send us a private message on Facebook. You will find the e-mail address, link to our FB page and Contact form in the footer of this site.

Are your treatments painful?

Our treatments, during which we use energies and body candles, are not painful. If acupressure and other techniques, during which inner spasms must be released, are used, such therapy can be uncomfortable for sensitive individuals. We always work individually with each client and adjust the therapy to his or her state of health and needs. The client is always warned in advance about possible pain and can decide whether or not to accept such a treatment. Unfortunately, the activation of organic and other pathways which accelerate healing of the organism is sometimes unavoidable.

Are there any health problems or circumstances when it wouldn't be possible to apply your therapies?

Of course. We do not work with women in an advanced stage of pregnancy, with clients with serious mental problems, fresh injuries, falls, fractures, etc., but this is again highly individual. For this reason, it is important to contact us before the therapy itself to describe your problem in detail. Usually it is always possible to assist and to choose a gentle form of therapy, e.g. harmonization therapy or similar, for better regeneration of the organism. In no case should a client undergoing therapy be on pain-relief medication or be undergoing other therapeutic or rehabilitating séances elsewhere at the same time.

Is it worthwhile for you to travel the world to help people?

We see our work primarily as a mission. We enjoy helping and encountering new people, cultures and places. In future, we would like to summarize our experience in the form of a book and documentary film. 

Questions and Answers (2)

How much does your therapy cost?

Payment for our therapeutic assistance is highly individual, depending on where we travel, whom we help, how many treatments are performed, what costs are connected with our travel to meet clients. The price of treatment differs in Europe, Dubai, the USA, New Zealand and Bali. Everything can be arranged via e-mail and you will always be given a price quotation in advance.

How many treatments must be undertaken before my condition improves?

This is highly individual and dependent on the client’s health condition. The same applies to the reaction after therapy and rehabilitation. We can never promise in advance the exact number of treatments. We share with the client the desire to solve the problem in cooperation with him/her as quickly as possible. The number of treatments depends on the problem and overall health status of the client. The same problem of two clients can be resolved in different ways and over different lengths of time. However, we strive for the minimum number of treatments. One or two treatments are very often sufficient.

Can one sometimes feel bad after your therapy?

Yes. One person may feel a surge of energy, another may feel tired, yet another may feel pain in certain parts of the body for 3-4 days, etc. Once more, the reaction is very individual and it is again true that reactions are directly proportional to the health status of the client.

What are your recommendations for what a client should or must not do after your therapy?

A client must rest for 3-4 days – no hard work, no exercise, not be exposed to draughts or cold. Plenty of water should be drunk, ideally with lemon slices, and stress must be avoided.

Where do most of your clients come from?

We can say that, in recent years, our clients are of different ages, originating from the whole world, but mostly from Europe.

What languages do you communicate in?

We speak several languages, but as a lingua franca we choose English, although it is not our mother tongue. 

Questions and Answers (3)

How long have you been devoting yourself to therapy?

Michael Moder, creator of the “Moder Pain Relief Method”, has over 30 years of experience and has performed more than 20 000 treatments. We collaborate with physicians and are continually learning.

How many treatments can you perform in 1 day?

Our therapy is very energy-demanding, that is why we perform at most only 3 - 5 treatments per day. 

How long does one treatment take?

One treatment usually takes 30 / 45 / 55 minutes, but it may happen that this is prolonged if a specific situation requires it.

Can you outline of how we could invite you, to perform several treatments on more people?

1. Appoint an organizer to invite people interested in therapy for specific dates.

2. Obtain an appropriate room with a massage bed, where therapy can be performed in a quiet atmosphere.

3. Count on us being able to perform  3 treatments in the morning and 2 in the afternoon: a total of 5 treatments per day.

4. Based on the number of people, we determine the length of our required stay in Ireland.

5. We will need accommodation arranged near the venue of our treatment sessions.

6. We will agree on the exact date of our visit to your venue (from – to  –  ).

7. According to this information, travel costs and accommodation are calculated. Subsequently,   the total price, or price per therapy session, and the optimum number of days for our stay, are calculated.

8. Other specifics are arranged by email before our arrival.

Contact Us

Send Message

Please contact us directly with any questions, comments, or scheduling inquiries you may have. 

Do you have any questions? Write us:

Where do We operating?  

Where ever You'll need it ! 

Optionally: Home visit, Rented therapy room etc.


Midleton, Cork County, Ireland

+353 860 228 997 (Vera Moder)


Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm 

(After 5 pm - AGREEMENT)

Saturday - Sunday: (AGREEMENT)

All therapies are only to order for a specific date. It is paid in advance.

Therapies at other times or elsewhere (for example, in your home) are possible after agreement. In this case, the prices are determined outside the valid price list by agreement based on cost and time.


Sign up to hear from us.

Featured Products

New products are coming soon!


Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue (Charles Virtue)

Angel Therapy

Angel Therapy is a non-denominational spiritual healing method that involves working with a person's guardian angels and archangels, to heal and harmonize every aspect of life.

Angel Therapy is a type of Alternative therapy which actually includes a non denominational spiritual method of healing and involves the chore of communicating and working with the guardian angels and archangels to heal various health problems including the physical, mental and spiritual health.

About Charles Virtue

Charles Virtue is the eldest son of Dr. Doreen Virtue, creator of the Angel Therapy Practitioner® (ATP) Course and an author of  prominent literature on working with Angels.

Charles has been in touch with the Angels and their guidance from his early childhood on and he knew that one day he would be guided to teach this ability to others. In his early 20’s, he began to give readings with the Angel Oracle Cards. Helping people by teaching them how to clear the blocks and fears that kept them from hearing the True Guidance that their Angels wanted them to receive gave him instant comfort. At that point his mission was clear: He wanted to teach people how to manifest, listen to their Angels and inner guidance to help them move toward, and live their life purpose. Charles has been teaching since 2007 and has certified thousands of people in over 20 countries to connect with a higher energy to bring happiness, purpose and guidance into their lives.

Michael Moder - Author

In the Michael Moder ® Author & Publisher book edition were or will be published:

Heal Yourself (2011)

This publication captivates already at first sight with its attractive cover. Michael Moder, Alternative Therapist, Nutritional Consultant, lecturer, moderator and writer, discusses the diseases of civilization that plague us, examining in particular their causes. He encourages readers to consider the connections which subsequently lead to the emergence of health problems and disease. 

 Before reading this book, follow the author's advice to "lock your ego in a cabinet!" By means of different ways of thinking, Michael Moder reaches deep down into the reader's weaknesses and the thirteenth chamber which can have a "depressing" effect.

 Readers will find a wealth of information in this volume, as well as connections to assist in understanding the causes of disease, relationship and work problems, etc. The book can be considered as a "primer" for adults. An ABC book in which adults "learn to read" themselves. 

The Revolution Within (2012)

The common denominator of all information contained in this book is the understanding of the fact that we ourselves create our lives as we live them, and that our thoughts reflect our own specific perception of the world. Whether we are ill, poor, unhappy or if the contrary is the case, it is the cosmic law that only we are responsible for the condition in which we find ourselves. Many of us are dissatisfied with ourselves and curse Fate or think that THEY are to blame for our plight: the government, unhappy family circumstances, etc. But this is not true. The world is and, in fact, appears exactly as it is thought of and believed to be by each individual. Our thoughts shape our lives. However, we always have the right of choice. Remember that like attracts like.

 Before the great flood, the civilization of Atlantis existed. For thousands of years, its inhabitants used the knowledge of their ancestors. They understood their lives as a developmental process and an integral part of the universe which has fixed laws. Also, already then they knew that there are no accidents. By studying the cycles and constellations of the planets, they came to the realization that we live in harmony between Heaven and Earth, with the stars and the sun affecting the whole human cycle, the seasons and rhythm of the Earth.

 This motivational book, aimed at personal development, dares to combine the seemingly irreconcilable. Spiritual values are intertwined with the description of the use of modern technologies in the field of personal growth and self-development, sales and marketing. If we want to do well today and beyond in the absurd environment of the plunder of non-renewable resources and monetary policies when money and securities only have psychological value, we must immediately change our mindset. Let's basically focus on the development and improvement of ourselves at all levels. This is literally a REVOLUTION WITHIN. If we do not deal with this, in coming years we are going to face high unemployment, the collapse of thousands of companies, misery and suffering. The contemporary established system of slavery is not sustainable without huge casualties on the already overpopulated Earth. It is high time to start cooperating, instead of competing, to delete the word 'competition' from the dictionary and to share our earthly resources with humility and with the objective of preserving them for our children. 

 Let's try to think like the ancient inhabitants of Atlantis and understand the teaching that the priests imparted in ancient Egypt. Their spiritual and intellectual maturity preached the eternal truths and laws valid for all generations. 

 And because they did not know the word 'religion', let's see these priests rather as teachers of mankind. Already then they pointed out that human progress is not based on material welfare, but on the attainment of inner peace and harmony. It is the only way to transform the human 'animal' in man into a higher vibrational potential and to make life here a Heaven on Earth... 

2084 Controlled by Fear (2013)

The author's third book immediately attracts attention by its title, cover page and subsequently also its contents. This is a work of fiction with a warning message – literally an urgent appeal sent to mankind from 2084. A message from a future time, which we are still able to change. The book is actually a collection of the memories of Dr. George Tietze – the legacy of a revolutionary, active member of the Resistance and scientist. Mr. Leachim Redom, one of the active members of the Resistance, transcripted the audio recordings for opponents of the New World Order.

 "Controlled by Fear" is a collage of thoughts which will evoke fear and depression and should motivate you to ponder on the functioning of the present world. And especially to DO something about it.

It might not seem like it, but this is a motivational book with a warning subtext. It is played on the instrument of human nature. Yes, FEAR is natural and ever present. It can be controlled, but it also controls us. Fear can also control others. You can profit from fear or die from it. Fear is one of the most powerful weapons in the world and causes many catastrophes and deaths. You can fear everything, or also nothing. Either way, it can cause the beginning of serious problems. People fear death, failure, poverty, penury, loneliness, a first date. Parents are feared by children (today it is the other way around). People fear everything. The worst of all is that many of us fear truly LIVING fully. Free yourselves of fear, it is slowing down your development. Alternatively: control your fear to an extent that it becomes your helper when using your intuition.

 The media are true masters at scare-mongering. They constantly and intentionally bombard us with fear and hobgoblins of every description. Those who own the media impose their viewpoint of the world on us and attempt to imprint behavioral patterns on our minds in the form of Trojan horses of anarchy, confusion, frustration and hopelessness. The point is to distract attention from really important and significant issues, such as the implementation of the New World Order – one world government with one language and currency. Media reports begin with the bad weather, followed by robberies and murders, and ending with wars. Why? Because it suits 'someone' and 'someone' is making a profit from it.

 Here it once again becomes apparent that journalists are only slaves, mercenaries of their employers. If they stick out and think independently, they lose their jobs. "Democracy" in all its beauty! "Are you disturbing the system? You will be punished!" There are many ways that ordinary people do not see the fence all around them. Only at the moment when they start asking, worrying, questioning and searching, will they see their cell in all its full, sad beauty.

 "Controlled by Fear" is in accordance with and builds its contents on the legacy of masterful writers such as Ray Bradbury in "Fahrenheit 451" and, in particular, on the now classic "1984", brilliantly created by George Orwell.

On the Run (2014)

This novel, which is to be published in 2014, deals with the abuse of medical records, the alteration of them and identity theft. The main character is Randle Fritz, a man on the run who has been selected as an involuntary donor of his liver and other organs for a rich patient. This work of fiction relates the story of a man who is selected as an ideal donor based on the data analysis of stolen health records. He is to be captured and then eviscerated and operated on according to the needs of a secret hospital in Vienna. However, our character decides not to be so easily caught. On the contrary, Randle Fritz not only saves his own life, but also finds the people who are chasing him. He is a computer expert who knows all about the weapons of his enemy.

Heal Yourself  II (2018) progress...

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Body candles, Reflective candles, Ear candles, Special essential oil candles, and other types under trade mark Michael Moder ®

  • We have worked for over eight years on development of all body and ear candles, along with other colleagues from abroad.
  • We have selected and "fired off " thousands of body candles from different manufacturers and tested them for comparison, in our successful active therapeutic practice.
  • We guarantee 100% BIO quality of all our products - Body Candles, Reflective Candles, Ear Candles, Special Candles, Chakra Candles all trade mark  Michael Moder ®.
  • All types of our body and ear candles, and other candles under trade mark Michael Moder ® , have EU-wide certification.
  • As alternative therapists, we use all types of our Candles for many years in our therapeutic practice.
  • We provide professional training on our courses - detailed information on request.
  • We  offer  at the moment ,all our candles with 15 Natural Essences, but we can also make essences on request from orders of up to 100 or more.
  • All our trade mark Michael Moder ® Candles, have 2 types of protective elements - a protective filter and a protective foil, making them easy to handle, and no other extra protection isn't  needed.
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  • All our trade mark Michael Moder ® Candles, do produce less intense of  incinerating flying ash  (instead of other inferior products from some other manufacturers) and are more gentle  to your lungs and areas where you're doing the therapy.
  • All our trade mark Michael Moder ® Candles, do not contain paraffin.
  • All our trade mark Michael Moder ® Candles, are naturally colored by the true beeswax.
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  • We offer stable lower rates for clients after they graduation of our courses and profitable discounts for larger subscriptions.
  • Protective discs for all candles are FREE within the purchases, but of course you can buy them extra if you need.
  • The remains of the burnt candle are easily to unfold, spread and explore for diagnostic purposes.
  • If you are interested to bring our product to your region, you have the opportunity to become our sales representative. Contact us, we are open to mutual cooperation.
  • We give full instruction how to use our products correct and safe way.
  • Your Welcome to Purchase in our E-Shop via shopping cart icon at the top of the page.

Lecithin (pure, non-admixable, not GMO)

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  • Made from non-GM soya beans, Optima 100% Pure Lecithin Granules make the perfect addition to a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.
  • Optima 100% Pure Lecithin Granules provides Linoleic Acid which helps keep up normal cholesterol levels.
  • Optima Lecithin granules are of the highest quality, contain no additives and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • They are guaranteed  produced from non-GM soya beans, and comprehensive protocols are implemented to ensure that the finished product does not contain any genetically modified DNA.
  • Optima Lecithin Granules is expertly produced and is rigorously tested to verify the absence of heavy metals and other impurities.
  • The recommended daily serving (total of 10.5g) of Lecithin Granules provides 3.4g of linoleic acid. 
  • There is evidence to show that a balanced diet providing 10 g of linoleic acid per day contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels. 
  • Lecithin Granules also contain phosphatidyl choline and are a source of omega-3 oil acid alpha linolenic acid.
  • Helps in the breakdown of fat.
  • We will give you full instruction how to correctly use our product.
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Protein drinks 82% ATTACK POWER

  • 82% protein Attack Power - Powder protein drink with protein concentrate (WPC made by modern technology CFM and UF), ready to dissolve, flavored with sweetener.
  • 100% Whey Protein is made using modern CFM technology (Cross-Flow Microfiltration) and UF (ultrafiltration), without any added carbohydrates, maltodextrin, lactose, etc. Contains fast-utilizing nitrogen (s) for synthesis muscle proteins and maximizing muscle gains.
  • Whey proteins contain a complete spectrum of essential amino acids. From normal sources of protein, they have the highest concentration of branched-chain amino acids BCAA and help to improving the body's natural immunity.
  • Whey proteins CFM and UF are among the fastest digestible proteins.
  • No  fructose, sucrose (beet sugar) added.
  • Furthermore does not contain preservatives, thickeners, stabilizers, emulsifiers, added sugars, added fats, other types of protein and other qualitatively different proteins.
  • Package size is 1.5 kg.
  • Flavors of VANILLA ,CHOCOLATE or STRAWBERRY Flavor. 
  • Ingredients: (WPC produced by CFM and UF technology), Vitamins and Minerals: zinc lactate (Zinc), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), nicotinamide (Niacin), dl-alpha-tocopherol acetate (vitamin E) thiamine chloride HCl (vitamin B1), riboflavin, folic acid.
  • Flavored with a naturall  flavor.

Ideal for:

- Protection of muscle mass.

- Ideal dietary supplement (helps in the reduce of fat),

- improving muscle growth,

- supplementation of fast-utilizing proteins,

- faster anabolism,

- Covering increased protein needs,

- a step increase in plasma nitrogen levels,

- Improve regeneration after challenging training,

  • Immediate anabolic effect of proteins with muscle protection at the same time. 
  • Biologically valuable, extremely fast digestible and usable proteins.
  • We will offer a full advice how to correctly use our product. 
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Curiosities and stories from My Therapeutic Practice:

  • shortest therapy, healed painful shoulder - 3 minutes,
  • the shortest time for healed migraine / headache - 4 minutes,
  • pain relief and remedy, on places, where other would  say it was not possible,
  • the most interesting place of therapy - Nusa Petida Island (Indonesia) - shoulder repair,
  • Curative remedy for limping leg - Croatia -  therapy made with one hand - during breakfast,
  • the most esteemed client - English gentleman John - I did the healed his  hand - and he accepted me as brother to the family,
  • clients of all ages from the US, Europe and Indonesia,
  • one local politician who was  in the hospital with back injury I had heal him at during the  visit and he could leave that day, and join others at the political party,
  • a woman who could not speak for a week because of the illness, I returned her voice in 5 minutes and start-up the lungs to work properly again,
  • Gentleman  who, after a stroke end up on  wheelchair, I did healed his hand during the  one therapy so that he can using the wheelchair by him self now,
  • salvage of about 7 lives (I revealed serious medical problems requiring immediate medical care - we sent the patients directly to the hospital),
  • 28 babies born after therapies to mothers who failed to get pregnant even after long medical cure,
  • long term ill lady, which was permanently in bed - she could walk after therapies and live a better life for at least 2 years longer,
  • the youngest patient - 3 years old,
  • the oldest patient 97 years old (my grandmother),
  • rescue many backs, knees and shoulders, and spare them of surgery, 
  • postponed  operation of injured joints and back care for up to 2 years, 
  • the highest number of therapeutic interventions in 1 day - 20 interventions, 
  • The number of therapeutic interventions for my career - an estimate of over 20000,
  • 1 year of therapy  FREE of charge in time of creating my own therapeutic method (Moder Method),
  • job offers from clients in different countries (Germany, Croatia, Dubai, Slovakia, Switzerland),
  • the worst therapy with which I got  to nowhere - a stressed client going on vacation - 3 hours of work, no result, I had to send him to visit  doctor for injection, and I did not ask for  money,
  • various therapies with athletes, sportsman  (hockey players - mostly back and groin, footballers - mostly knees, psyche ,joint and elbow pain, etc.),
  • therapy was also done on the beach, hotel beds, pubs, train, airplane, office, garden, etc.)
  • I got the  lady on the wheelchair to stand up and walk again, 
  • more cases when people came to me using crutches and Leaving than, with crutches in their hand, 
  • public demonstration therapy on many lectures and performances, including demonstration for TV Chanel (in the Czech Republic),
  • during my therapy, I met my present wife, in Ireland (Arm rehabilitation),
  • I love my job, I understand it as my mission, and I have the pleasure in helping and caring every person I see in need of help.

You can find more in My Book "Heal Yourself II"  (2018), which is still in progress of my writing.

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